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Q: How much tea should I use for a cup?

A: The standard unit of measurement is 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water, though it varies from person to person depending on if they want a stronger taste.

Q: How much tea should I use for a cup?

A: The standard unit of measurement is 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces of water, though it varies from person to person depending on if they want a stronger taste. 

Q: What are the brewing times and temperatures for various teas?

The brewing times and temps are on the pouches of the teas when you receive them, and will vary depending on the tea.  There is a lot of variation depending on the tea, but the general rule of thumb to follow is this:

-Black: 212 degrees, 30 seconds-1 minute

-Herbal/Rooibos: 212 degrees, 5 minutes

-Oolong: 180-190 degrees, 3-5 minutes

-Green: 175-185 degrees, 1-3 minutes

-White: 170-180 degrees, 3-5 minutes.

Again, these are the standard times, and subject to change

Q: Why are some teas so much more expensive than others?

There are a few factors that go into tea prices. Probably the most important one is that we weigh tea by the gram. Some teas are might lighter than others, and for those teas, you get a lot more cups per gram than others.  If prices were listed as “cost per cup,” you’d find the prices to even out a lot more, and some of the otherwise more expensive teas may end up costing even less.  Another factor is reusability.  Oolong teas, for example, are typically more expensive than a green or black tea.  While all tea can make multiple infusions (how many times you can reuse the same bag), oolongs are especially good at this, having an infusion life two or three times longer than other teas, some of which are able to be reused up to six times!  Some oolongs even taste better the second time around.  A third factor is what are the requirements to get that tea?  Some teas are very specific, only being picked within a small timeframe (one to two weeks) of spring.  Others require very specific growing conditions.  Was it

plucked by hand or by machine?  These and other factors all go into determining the price of the tea.

Q: I had heard that if I don't put my tea in a tin, it will go bad within a week.  Is this true, and will you be offering tins in the future?

Anyone who tells you that your tea will go bad within a week is lying to you.  Yes, we will be offering tins in the near future, but do not feel pressured or obligated to have to tin your teas out of the fear that they might go bad.  They won't.  The bags our teas come in are ziplock bags, so you will have a way of sealing the tea regardless.

Q: What’s the difference between loose leaf tea and other bagged tea?

 The difference between loose leaf and other forms of bagged tea is that the other forms of bagged tea as a whole ignore most if not all of the process of making the tea. The leaves are machine picked, and then ground to a dust. Sometimes the dust of loose leaf teas is swept off the floor and used.  Since there is no quality control, other items like twigs may be ground up along with the tea leaves.  Since the whole tea making process is ignored, while the tea bags have a quicker brewing time, they also severely lack a lot of the subtleties and flavorings that loose leaf tea has.  It is, as a whole, an inferior product that shames the centuries-old tradition that is tea.  Any bagged tea we sell is loose leaf bagged upon request.

Q: Why isn't X anime mentioned?  Do you plan to do a tea for Y character?

A: When we select teas to be named after an iconic character, a trope, or whatever it may be, there are a few factors that go into it.  Copyright and licensing is one factor we have to look at, but most important to us is that the combination makes sense.  Having a blueberry white tea named Naruto wouldn't really make much sense, after all.  This can be a longer process than you might think, with either trying to connect a tea flavor to anime or something anime related to a tea that correctly represents it.

Q: These photos and drawings are really good!  Who did them?

A: The credit goes to Fernando Licon of Fern's Corner:

Q: I have some fan art! Who do I send it to?

A: Send it to! Also, if you are part of the EXP system, you can send it to and let us know your name so we can give you proper exp!



Q: Can we put a rewards item on hold for us?

A: Unfortunately no, the rewards system is a first come first serve system. Interest in the item makes it much more likely we can put more of it up, though.

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: Here!

Q: Is this the same as the EXP system?

A: No, but they do overlap.  When you sign up for one, you also sign up for the other.  You can also use EXP to earn more Power Levels.

Q: What is the EXP system, then?

A: You can read up all on the EXP system here!

  Q: We’d love to have you at our event? Who do we contact?

A: You may contact The Teaman at

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