Youlian Banov

OUR 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY IS HERE!To celebrate our best year yet, we have set the stage for our biggest Tea party of the...

Dragon Ball FighterZ November Giveaway

Youlian Banov

Here are the rules for the Dragon Ball FighterZ giveaway: -From November 1st-30th, for every $15 you spend in store,...

Raffle Information

Youlian Banov

For our very first Post-Con Detox, we will be raffling off cool swag and prizes.  This raffle has some rules to make ...

Our first event, Post-Con Detox!

John Schomer

The Dragon's Treasure is hosting its first ever event!  Come check it out on our events page here.

HUGE Holiday sale!

Youlian Banov

Hello, my fellow tea drinkers and anime lovers! The Holidays are rapidly approaching, and those dreaded days shoppi...

Our 1 Year Anniversary is Here!

Youlian Banov

It is finally time!  Our 1 year anniversary celebration is here.  We have been teasing you with various posts and pic...

1 Year Anniversary: our Biggest Sale to Date!

John Schomer

We have been constantly tinkering around with the website to give it a new look.  Our Power Level rewards system will...

The remake of our Loyalty Program, and an all new system, EXP!

Youlian Banov

Our 1 year anniversary is only a few weeks away, and we are ready to roll out plenty of new changes.  Some of you mig...

Incoming 1 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Youlian Banov

Hello, our fellow anime and tea lovers!  Next month, in August 1st, will be our 1 year anniversary.  It will be a gra...

Announcing The Dragon's Vault

Youlian Banov

The Dragon’s Treasure is proud to announce the launch of our newest initiative: The Dragon’s Vault.In the tea world, ...

Patch 3.2.0

Youlian Banov

Patch Notes 3.2.0 There are a lot of changes implemented and going to be implemented, as well as some new items on sa...

Patch 3.1.0

Youlian Banov

Added Princess Peach Oolong, The Earth Kingdom, and Strawberry White to the roster. Changed several main pictures to...
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After almost 5 years of packaging and brewing tea, of going from convention to convention, and constant growth and expansion, it is finally time....  Time for The Dragon's Treasure to open up our own Anime-themed tea store!

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