Inflation and How We're Adjusting

It's no secret that prices everywhere are going up.  We raised our prices earlier in the year to deal with the rising cost of non-tea related items (mailers, pouches, etc).  Then, soon after, tea prices rose by around 20%.  We decided to not raise prices again so soon, and to hold off past the holidays.  After some thinking, we decided to NOT raise prices directly but instead do some modifications in the background.

We decided, instead of raising store prices, we are going to lower the EXP earned through purchases and milestones (changes listed below).  This way you won't be paying any more, it's just the rewards for free items will be slightly lowered.

We are also adjusting the weight of items on the store to make them more accurate for shipping costs.  To give an example, we've got 20g teas listed weight as 20 grams.  But with the pouch, the actual weight is 27 grams.  This matters for shipping, as there's been many orders that were listed as 1 weight, but we have to pay more for the following weight.  We've kept this system for years as a bit of a secret discount, but we're going to fix this going forward.

EXP Points Adjustments:  OLD - NEW

Joining: 200 - 150

Spending $1: 5 - 4

Birthday: 400 - 200

FB, Twitter, IG Follows: 100 - Removed

Xth Year Store Anniversary Celebration (Aug 1st): 500 - 200

Cart Booster (Get double EXP): $50 - $100

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