The Dragonballs (Jasmine Dragon Pearls) EnerTea

Product image 1The Dragonballs (Jasmine Dragon Pearls) | The Dragon's Treasure
Product image 2The Dragonballs (Jasmine Dragon Pearls) EnerTea

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TYPE: Green, flavored

DESCRIPTION: From the Fujian Province of China, we get these balls of magic wonder.  Bring them together, add some water, and let the smell and taste overtake you with its brilliance.  Each of the balls (pearls) contains two leaves and an unopened bud of the tea plant, all with the exquisite flavorings of Jasmine added to take this tea to the next level.  Drink one cup, and you will feel like your wish has been granted.

INGREDIENTS: Green Tea, Jasmine

EnerTea Specific Ingredients: Taurine, L-Glutamine, Potassium, Magnesium 5-HTP, Viamins B3, B12, Xanthan Gum




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