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Kensho's Favor

Our Dragon, Kensho Kan, values strength and loyalty.  So much so, in fact, that he has decided to reserve certain treasures for those who demonstrate their loyalty and prove their worth.  The more you interact with The Dragon’s Treasure, the more you will gain Power Levels (PL) to use on exclusive items from Kensho’s Favor.

Kensho’s Favor will grant you access to these, and more, special items.            

Here is what you need to know about PL:

-Every dollar spent on our store gains you 10 PL.

-Each item is unique and usually has only one of it.

-Items change frequently as they are earned and as Kensho gains more treasure.

-You can ask us to keep an item up longer, but we cannot hold it for you. Once someone earns it, it leaves the dragon's treasure and becomes theirs.

-You can trade in EXP (read about EXP here) to gain PL. Here are the exchange rates for converting EXP to PL

20 EXP = 1 PL

100 EXP = 6 PL

250 EXP = 18 PL

500 EXP = 40 PL

1,000 EXP = 90 PL

You can sign up for Kensho's Favor by clicking here.  Signing up for Kensho's Favor automatically signs you up for EXP, so you will be all set.

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After almost 3 years of packaging and brewing tea, of going from convention to convention, and constant growth and expansion, it is finally time....  Time for The Dragon's Treasure to open up our own Anime-themed tea store!

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