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What’s better than enjoying anime and tea in the same place? Growing stronger with each decision you make! Our Experience Points (EXP) system gives you the opportunity to do just that.  Sign up now and you will be able to earn EXP with every purchase you make. 

Purchases aren’t the only way to gain EXP! You can also gain EXP by:

-Just joining the program

-Referring a friend

-Anyone you referred joining

-When those you referred make their first purchase

-Accepting a friend referral

 -Living to your next birthday 

-Following us on Twitter

-Following us on Facebook

-Giving us feedback

-reviewing our items

-fan art


On that note, we’re also looking to have some fun. Send us some fan art of our Dragon, Kensho Kan, and we will give you extra EXP for that! Show us a picture of your cosplay holding a sign with our logo, and get EXP for your cosplay! Advertise our business? EXP! Do you have an idea for something you think you should deserve EXP for? Message us at and ask! We’d be more than happy to work with you.


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After almost 3 years of packaging and brewing tea, of going from convention to convention, and constant growth and expansion, it is finally time....  Time for The Dragon's Treasure to open up our own Anime-themed tea store!

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