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We Are (Hopefully) Escaping Illinois

One of our biggest goals in 2022 is relocation.  Illinois has become too much of a cesspool, where nothing good comes of staying here.  But being able to leave is not a guaranteed thing, and so we've changed our donations page to show that every cent of that will be going towards getting us out of this wretched state and county (Cook County, aka Chicago and Chicago's peasant subjects).

The move by itself would increase our revenue for the business by thousands of dollars a year, which means we'll be able to do a lot more for all of you.  Please give whatever support you can before Illinois finds a way to destroy us for good.

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  • I would recommend Charlotte, NC. But Texas is good as well. We are first time shoppers of your teas. Hope you get to moving soon

  • @Alex, we’re looking strongly at Texas

    The Teaman
  • where are you planning/hoping to move to?


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