The remake of our Loyalty Program, and an all new system, EXP!

Our 1 year anniversary is only a few weeks away, and we are ready to roll out plenty of new changes.  Some of you might have seen that our website has been going through some minor edits, but what else is coming along?  Today, we will discuss the revamping of our rewards system, and an introduction of a brand new system to get you even more rewards for being a loyal customer!

We have decided to reward your hard earned power levels in a different way.  Instead of having various forms of discounts, in which you can find during a sale, we are going to have them be a lot more unique and exclusive.  They will be routinely rotate to keep things fresh.  Some examples of what to expect include unique color changing mugs, toys & merchandise, or exclusive teas.  We will also make it easier to get these rewards, so you don’t need to go through a whole paycheck to get that item you really want.

But what of the people who seemed to enjoy the discounts they got from their Power Levels?  Don’t worry, we have not forgotten about you.  In fact, we want to make your experience even better.  We will do so with our brand new system, Experience Points!

Experience Points, or EXP, is our brand new system to provide even more to our loyal members. EXP can be considered a form of secondary currency that you can use in our store to take some money off of your purchases.  Here are some of the details of this new system:

Every 100 EXP is worth $1 in our store.

Every $1 purchase in our store is worth 10 EXP.

Joining the program starts you with 200 EXP.

Liking us on Facebook or following us on twitter gets you 50 EXP each.

You get 400 EXP on your birthday.

If you refer a friend and they join, you get 100 EXP. If they make a purchase, you earn a bonus 500 EXP.

If you get a friend referral and accept it, you get 100 EXP (on top of the 200 EXP for joining).

As a bonus, we will increase the amount of EXP gained in the month of August so you can power up even more!

Aside from all these many ways to earn EXP, there are more custom ways to earn EXP from us!  For starters, we love fan art.  Send us some fan art of our dragon, Kensho Kan, or our teapot logo, and we will put it up on our site and grant you bonus EXP based on the quality!  Any other form of media, such as reviews and shout outs, will also grant you exp!  Just be sure to let us know at media@thedragonstreasure.com so we can see it, let us know your account, and we can grant you the bonus EXP.  Have something creative we haven’t mentioned?  Ask us if we’d be willing to grant you EXP!  One thing we absolutely love is being in contact and talking with our customers and fellow anime and tea lovers, so don’t be shy, we’d be more than happy to work with you.

The rewards revamp and EXP system launches on August 1st.  We hope that you will join us!

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