Shipping Delays 4/28-5/10

Apologies for another span of delays, tea lovers!  The month of April has been our most successful month this year by a considerable margin.  On top of that, we have been preparing for the upcoming Midwest Tea Fest for the weekend of May 7-8.  And as we were preparing 20g bags for the festival....we ran out.  It's a nice problem to have for a business, things going so well you unexpectedly run out of supplies, but not so nice for the consumer.  Our apologies for that, more have been ordered and are on their way.

We have also been behind a few days due to a recent promotion bringing in an influx of new customers, who in turn order an incredibly large number of sample packs that take quite a bit of time compared to a 20, 50, or 100g order.  And between the pouches and the sample packs, April had us with over 300 individual orders moving nearly 2,000 different units of product, I have been a busy Teaman.

We shall return from the Midwest Tea Fest on Monday evening, May 9th.  May 10th we resume all orders.  Due to the nature of mass tea production, we envision to be 100% caught up with every order by the end of the week, with obvious higher priority going to earlier orders.

As for what we will do to ensure these issues don't arise again, there's the obvious answer of keeping better track of our stock.  But we've also got something being planned for 2023 that should put most of the issues of a 1 Teaman operation to rest.  What that something is we won't discuss until after the Tea Fest and after everyone's orders are complete.

Thanks to everyone for their patience on this matter and your support!  We shall continue our growth into the future!

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