Patch Notes 3.0, The Relaunch Posted on 02 Nov 06:21 , 0 comments

Patch Notes 3.0


  • Updated Mission Statement and Q&A.  Take a look at it here and know what we did and why we did it.
  • The Dragon has Evolved! Meet Kensho Kan, The Tea Dragon.  He will be continuing his evolution in the coming weeks.
  • Changed tagline to “A Haven for Anime and Tea Lovers.”
  • Changed name of “Jasmine Silver Needle” to “The Tea that will Pierce the Heavens,” “Autumn Sunset” to “Spirit Bomb,” Autumn Bonfire to “Sailor Mars,” Assam Melody to “Tuxedo Mask,” “Raspberry Delight” to “Sailor Jupiter,” “Christmas in a Cup” to “The Combat Butler’s Motivation,” “Dragonwell” to “DragonWell Z,” and “Serpent Moon” to “Sailor Venus.”
  • Added 8 new teas to the tea shop, 1. The Red Lotus (Red Bloom), 2. Wrath (Oriental Spice), 3. Space Cowboy (Gunpowder), 4. Springtime of Youth! (Kukicha), 5. The Dragonballs (Jasmine Dragon Pearls), 6. Power Up! (Toasted Yerba Mate), 7. Jigglypuff’s Song (40 Winks), and 8. Senzu Tea (Tea-Tox). Three more special holiday teas will be added, one per week starting next week.  These will only be around for the holidays and are around while supplies last.
  • Removed Tea Bundles until they could get a rework.
  • Added limited time teaware products to celebrate our relaunch.
  • Added a multimedia section for future patches.
  • We have a new number, (224) 764-1491
  • We have new emails, for any and all emails, for any sales/orders related questions, and for any media related inquiries.