The Dragon's Treasure is now open! Posted on 10 Aug 06:54 , 0 comments

Welcome, one and all, to our wonderful little on-line tea shop, The Dragon's Treasure!  We are still new, so pardon our dust while we clear up some of the kinks and continue to expand.  This is a dream that has been long in the making, finally starting to take shape.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

The more you shop, the more you save!

With our loyalty program, the more money you spend, the more deals you will have for yourself!  Anywhere from discounts, to free shipping, to free gifts!  Don't see something you like just yet?  Don't worry, we are continuing to expand, look forward to some fun packages and deals!

Bring your friends along, everyone wins!

Refer a friend?  Get deals.  Get referred?  Get deals.  Share in the love, and everyone walks away with a little bit of something!

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What the future will hold!

When we originally started this business, it began with only FOUR teas!  As you can see, we have a bit more than that now.  The more we grow, the more we will offer, and boy is there a lot we plan to offer down the road.  Some of the things to look forward to in the future are:

  • More ways to spend your loyalty points
  • Gift baskets
  • Multimedia content regarding teas and tea preparing
  • The Dragon's Journey (more info soon)
  • More tea photos
  • Bundled savings
  • More teawares
  • And, of course, more teas!

Join us on our Journey!

This little tea shop plans on growing into something extraordinary.  Be one of the first to join us on this adventure, and watch us grow more and more.  We look forward to you being there with us on this adventure.