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Announcing The Dragon's Vault

The Dragon’s Treasure is proud to announce the launch of our newest initiative: The Dragon’s Vault.

In the tea world, there are many different tea growers. Some are small, family-owned businesses while others are huge plantations. Within both, there a
re growers who adhere to a stricter code of conduct than others. Some prioritize profit. Others, however, choose to value the land, their workers, and cut no corners to make both a great product and humane, sustainable company.

While we never purchase from those who solely seek profit, we do recognize that, in this day and age, holding to your virtues with your growing can be difficult and costly. We respect and admire those people/companies who are also able to keep to their convictions, and want to make sure that everyone knows it too.

The Dragon’s Vault will be for teas/tea growers that go above and beyond the call of duty. Those who work to be Fair Trade Certified, and those who put in the effort to keep their teas organic; Larger growers who stick to sustainable growing practices, along with the little guy with big dreams, who just needs a helping hand. These teas alone are worthy to enter The Dragon’s Vault.

There will be over 10 brand-new teas launched in The Dragon’s Vault this month. Each will be organic, fair trade certified, and/or purchased from an up and coming vendor. We will give these teas some time to shine on their own. Later on, a couple current favorites will also enter into The Dragon’s Vault.

With this program we hope to contribute to the change and the growth we wish for this industry, and ultimately this world. We also wanted you to know what you are supporting when purchasing these teas so you get a chance to be part of a change (hopefully) you wish to see in the world, too. The teas will be released later this week, with an updated FAQ to answer some questions people may have. If you have any personal questions you would like answered sooner than that, feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,
The Teaman

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