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  1. Candy Cane Tea (HOLIDAY TEA) (Members Only)
    TYPE: Black, Flavored DESCRIPTION: Candy canes are a staple of any Christmas diet, and now you can enjoy them in tea form! This limited time holiday tea will satisfy all cravings, but be sure to get it before time runs out. INGREDIENTS: black tea, candy cane pieces, peppermint leaves and natural...
    From $ 7.49
  2. Gingerbread (HOLIDAY TEA) (Members Only)
    TYPE: Black, Flavored DESCRIPTION: Our popular holiday tea is back! Love the taste of gingerbread men, but hate all the calories? Don't you worry, for we've crammed that wonderful taste into this limited time black tea, without all those pesky calories. This tea won't be around for long, so be...
    From $ 7.49
  3. Winter Wrap Up (Holiday Tea)
    TYPE: White DESCRIPTION: Every spring, it is time to clean up the old winter season! Once that is done, we can introduce our springtime holiday tea, Winter Wrap up, to bring in the new season! INGREDIENTS: White tea, rose petals, rose hips, pineapple, mango, hibiscus, cranberries, apple CAFFEINE LEVEL: 1 BREWING...
    From $ 7.49
  4. Pum-Pum-Pumpkin Spice (HOLIDAY TEA) (Members Only)
    TYPE: Black, Flavored DESCRIPTION: Our brand new, limited time Holiday Tea is here! Bring in Halloween with this Pumpkin Spice Black Tea INGREDIENTS: Sri Lankan black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, natural pumpkin spice flavor, cardamom, marigold flowers CAFFEINE LEVEL: High BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: 1 tsp per 8 oz. water, boiling° for 3 minutes RE-BREW:...
    From $ 7.49
  5. Candy Apple (HOLIDAY TEA) (Members Only)
    TYPE: Black, Flavored DESCRIPTION: Autumn is upon us, which means the holiday teas are too! We take some black tea hailing from Sri Lanka, throw in some caramel, a couple of apple pieces, and give birth to this fall favorite. INGREDIENTS: Black tea, cinnamon, apple pieces, natural candy apple flavor CAFFEINE...
    From $ 7.49
  6. Yukina's Healing Touch (HOLIDAY TEA) (Members Only)
    TYPE: White, Oolong, Flavored DESCRIPTION: The soft touch of snow gives it's healing energy to the weary traveler, latching on to any problems then taking them with as it melts away. INGREDIENTS: White, Oolong, Vanilla flavorings, Nutmeg, Cinnamon CAFFEINE LEVEL: Low BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: 1 tsp per 8 oz. water, 180° for 3-5...
    From $ 8.99
  7. HOLIDAY Sample Pack
    With Holiday Teas comes Holiday Sample Packs! All 5 holiday Christmas teas, including: -Candy Apple -Candy Cane -Gingerbread -Pum-Pum-Pumpkin Spice -Yukina's Healing Touch ALL TEA SAMPLES COME PRE-BAGGED AND READY FOR BREWING
    From $ 5.99
  8. Christmas in a Cup (Members Only)
    TYPE: Black, Flavored DESCRIPTION: Everyone loves Christmas (well, except Scrooge…), so who wouldn't love to have a cup of Christmas any time they want? With this black tea hailing from Sri Lanka, the smell and taste of those wonderful Christmas mornings will be with you year round. Makes an excellent iced...
    From $ 7.49
  9. Dragon's Wings
    A single dragon is powerful enough, so imagine the power of many dragons together! A group of dragons is called a Wing, and now you can become part of this Wing of Dragons! Each membership will ensure our continued growth and expansion, including hiring employees, many multimedia projects, and funding of more tea...
    From $ 5.00
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